Jun 12

Get past the friend-zone with Mobile

“Mobile-friendly”.  You have probably heard this phrase many times when speaking of websites and web design.  A web sales person may have emphasized this as a selling point in a pitch.  You may have even caught yourself saying it witho... Read More

Mar 31

Where did my online sales go?

Creating your own web store is an exciting time in your life.  You built the store, marketed it, and eventually had some online sales wander in.  You accepted them, nurtured them, and loved them deeply.  You watched your online sales learn to clim... Read More

Nov 21

3 Reasons Why Numbered List Blogs are a Thing

If you have spent any time on LinkedIn recently, you may have noticed a pattern in many of the shared post titles. More and more blog posts contain titles that refer to a numbered list: “3 Strategies for Maximizing Your Potential on LinkedIn... Read More

Oct 30

You Down With PPC?

The world of internet marketing has many acronyms: SEO, SEM, CTA, SERP, SMM, UI, PPC and CPC to name a few.  To many, the primary goal of these acronyms must be to confuse people, however they all stand for marketing elements that have real value. ... Read More

Oct 15

Amazon: If You Can’t Beat Them…

The Amazon River in South America is the largest river in the world, accounting for one fifth of the total water runoff on the planet.  It would stretch from New York City to Rome in length. The sheer size and volume of water it carries are hard to ... Read More