Why Runwild?

Because deep down that is what everyone wants to do. People find what they are passionate about and go after it. We are doing the same, and want to help others achieve their goals.

Runwild was formed by a group of digital design and marketing enthusiasts with the goal of creating a full-service company that could handle all parts of creating a brand and digital identity, from concept to finish. We have assembled a talented team of web designers, internet marketers, content marketers and multimedia producers.

Our advantage is that we can handle all aspects of digital marketing, eliminating the need to manage relationships with several companies to accomplish the same goals. It also allows for a cohesive effort toward your marketing goals, and frees up more time for you.

Our approach is that we don’t focus on only what is popular or convenient. It is easy to mimic trends to make processes quicker. However, we built our company on the concept that all ideas should be explored to create something truly unique. We take pride in finding a balance between methods that are known to work, and ideas that are out of the ordinary. Without being adventurous and taking a reasonable amount of risk, there would be no new trends.